Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Waves

Too rapidly now my 60th birthday approaches. The time has gone by like absorbed by a vacuum with no end, a book read for content, not savored, the pages turned in the never ending quest for next. Sometimes with resolution, sometimes with no seeming end. Some things should end before our lives end. But when money and medicine go hand in hand, some things will never end.

Wounds won't heal if the pharmaceuticals keep looking for repeat business by just keeping them from becoming worse.(That's where I've been most of the past year. Healing wounds which are defied by the latest methods when a simple antibacterial cream did the job faster on newer wounds on the same patient.)
Cures won't be found if the people advocating cures keep making money on advocating cures instead of finding cures or even directly helping the people in need.
I am careful of where I donate. If yours is not the hand that feeds the victims, you will not see my money. If the real purpose for your existence is the perpetuation of your existence instead of the meeting of an objective, you won't see my money. If you choose to share my name because I donated something, you just lost your money to the next request I get from an affiliate, or maybe I'll keep what little I have to pay off the interest on the credit cards that are so highly advocated as a donation source. A kid could eat for a couple of weeks on the amount of interest I pay for having found it necessary to cover my Dad while his credit went south when someone tried to rob him.
No doubt in mind that people who steal from us in a variety of ways justify it to themselves. I've been stone cold broke and yet gone hungry rather than steal. But my underpinnings aren't capitalistic. Even in that, what a person by true rights possesses, something was sacrificed to obtain it. Maybe time for a friend, filling out the right form, taking an extra moment of time to make sure a job is done right. Gone to a store, or had guests in, or attended a function, or had a cause for a remembrance to be kept.
But in all ways, something was done to maintain what one has.
There is a trail that goes before ownership. And it feeds people. Remember that when you covet what someone else has. Don't worship the bling you see flashed in your face. It may be sterling silver, not gold, but someone mined it, someone refined it, someone carted it, someone designed it, someone made it, many mouths are  fed. And on top of that, there's a "luxury tax". Yes, I've realized that oftentimes in America, it is a luxury to eat. To have a stable place to live. Stable enough from which to get a job. Shelters that kick you out at 7AM with no base of operation, no time to think or plan; lights out at 9PM hardly make for the ableness required to find work. But America demands that the less fortunate don't "laze around" in those places. What happens in that 14 hour span? A lot of mental damage, especially to women.
And for that plus much more, America, I've given up on you.
For the past 20 years, I've been very much involved with the governings of this country. Not for publicity, so you don't know my name. but for change. And every time that change has been come being so hard won, you derail and overturn it. Sometimes things are finally right and balanced and what do you do? You develop grudges because you think somebody else is getting something for nothing, or has it too easy, or you have it too hard, or your spouse got bored with the easy street you've been on. So you're going to make it tough on them. Or find a way to steal it. Or find a way to punish "them" because finally you have to live by some rules and you can't continue your usurus ways unchecked. But you're going to find a way to make "them" pay for it. Because your greed hasn't been satisfied yet by their need. What you're not sseing is the people who are "goldbricking"...just collecting money to show up every day and do a half-baked job if any at all.
There are few self-made men in America. They are what they are because you made them that. You gave your money or you withheld it. You approved or you didn't. Don't think for a minute that those prison ships sent from Europe went all the way around the world to Australia to drop off prisoners when this land was so much closer by sea. For all the facade of wealth this country projects, very little of it is real. Most of it's done on someone else's money. And when that money's lost, oh well. That's corporate money. You keep your mansions and your billions. That's the reason so many voters went Republican lately. The big corporation failures who failed because they all got too greedy, from laborers to top management. And the President of the USA begs them to pay back the government while the IRS seizes the personal funds from medically needy pensioners.....did it save the economy? Contribute to the commong good? Nope. All it did was resurrect an economic picture that had finally come to terms with itself. And yet the ones who were bailed out are still screaming "No government handouts!" Not to the 9/11 workers, not to individual victims of personal losses who together make up "the common good"....but a misdirected sense of responsibility to the economic underpinnings of the President's own neighborhood. I am sorry I voted. Period. The alternative rape of the Alaskan wilderness was an unacceptable alternative. The oil may spout up from there, but I'd bet the source is in Canada. And the local welfare system just stated that untility "allowances" dropped from $411. last year (yeah. For heating and cooling for one year) to $375. this year. Bad for the immediate, but good in the end. When there is war, everyone loses something. When there is capitalism, monetary warfare never ends. There is no surrender. Not even in death. Despite it being unconstitutional to hold the sins of the father against the kids, they go after the children anyway. But after all, when the government has exempted itself from following the laws it was founded on and is supposed to enforce the only way one can secure one's supposedly from citizenship onward to be taken as granted Constitutional Rights is to get an attorney and sue the entity supposedly in place to assure those rights, what can be expected from the greedy ignorant?
I'm sorry, America. Last week I tendered my resignation on my volunteer liaison relationship with the US government. But you just don't learn and you are a mess. And I am not going to clean you up again.